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24 September 2008 @ 09:18 pm
One Tree Hill 6.04 Picspam + Commentary  
Picspam under the cut! =)

I know you all missed my picspam terribly last week and I apologize for not doing one, but I was swamped with work, plus I kind of felt bad about doing a sarcastic picspam about death. It seemed to be rude to me so I didn't do it it.
But now, to make up for last week's MIA picspam, I am here with an uber sarcastic/bitchy picspam for you =D

I get that Q became a big part of their lives in a relatively short time, but really, ghosts?
I've had people die, but I never saw them. I think this is just one technique that television uses to let us know that the characters are thinking about the one that died, which is kind of obvious and the actual ghost of the person is overkill, in my opinion. I mean, they're actors, they should be able to look around and look sad which is what I equate with looking for someone no longer alive.
And can I just say I love how Peyton's artwork is still on the court? I think it's beautiful and mad props to whoever actually did draw/design it.

I love what Q says when Luke walks in "Well, well. The prodigal coach returns."
Which is so true after like two months off! He seriously would've been fired if this was any place but OTH. You cannot take two months off because you're having trouble with your love life. If you're seriously ill/dying, yes, but no "Oh I wrote a book and got my fiance mad, moped around for a month and then decided to get engaged to one of my high school sweethearts." No problem, Luke. Hell, if you stub your toe you can take off another two weeks, just let us know."
Lucky bastard.

I thought that this was so cute, Jamie leaving a basketball on Q's grave. And how there are all those flowers there, it shows that he's obviously loved.
And Jamie has to ask Haley what's on Q's headstone?
The kid can't read?
He can help all the adults see/get over their problems with his sage wisdom, but he can't read a bunch of words?
I have to say, I am very disappointed.
I was expecting Haley to have taught him algebra by now and having him read Les Miserables by himself.
What a let-down.

I love how Jamie is all concerned about Grandpa Dan. It's really cute.
And I loved Haley's analogy about how buying a headstone is like buying a backpack, you get one before you actually need it. Very nice. I was laughing when she said that.

"Mom, you told me you were screwing one of my friends at a funeral"
I have to agree with Nathan, that's not exactly the type of news that you give at a funeral.
Kicking her out, a little harsh, but do you really want to see your mom sneaking around with your friend after you've seen her hopped up on drugs and all that other stuff? I know I wouldn't.

Now see, this is the happy Petyon that I like to see.
Sure she interrupts past maybe-famous guitarists becase she can. (I googled him to no avail. Guess he wasn't that famous, but leave it up to Peyton to know him anyways.)

Brooke reveals that she thinks *gasp* Bitchtoria was behind the attack.
Because none of us thought about that at some point.
I don't really like the therapist. I didn't like her in 5x13 (I think it was) either. And I usually love people with accents, but her? I'm just not that into it.

"I think she hired some flying monkey"
Total reference to the Wizard of Oz. Victoria really is a witch. Although then, she would probably own them and not have to rent some from the phone book.
Which brings me to something else semi-related: how do you hire a hitman? I mean they can't exactly be in the phonebook with an ad like:
"1 Kill - $500
2 Kills - $1,000
3 Kills, Get One Free for $1,500
We've got over 50 trained assasins and our family has been in business for 200 years. Some of our most famous kills include Franz Ferdinand, Martin Luther King, and JFK.
Come to our office at 500 Main Street, Tree Hill, NC to see our detailed assasination plans to choose one to fit your needs!"

I think I know why the therapist annoys me so much.
It's cause she has no emotion.
"Oh, your mom hired someone to attack you? That's cool, as long as you believe it.....that'll be $1,000 for this session and I think you should come back next week so we can talk about your mom some more."
You could set fireworks off in her chair and she'd just ask "Why are we reverting back to fireworks? Does it remind you of your childhood?"

I won't go over any more of Brooke's session only because it is a more serious subject, plus it's a little boring having her discuss what we already know (she wanted Vicky to love her, Vicky doesn't...etc etc)

"Oh hey you're here just to watch the kids play 'cause I don't see Ja-that boy you're usually with"
"Yeah, I was a nanny but I got fired because of the guy I want to sleep with"
"NUH-UH! Me too!"
"OMG no way!"
"We should go bond after we're done creepily watching the kids."
"Ok awesome!"

"You know it's funny, all these years we called him Skills, I always thought it had something to do with basketball."
"That's not funny."
"Kind of funny."

"The way I see it Skills will be a better father than Dan ever was."

WOAH. Funny!Lucas?!?!? He jokes?!?!? When did this happen???!
Although he does bring up Andy and "how well that turned out" but he's kind of forgetting that Andy went AWOL for about 2-3 years in Australia (as far as we know). Maybe he's a hitman, he's got all that money...and he travels...just a thought.
So what Lucas is really saying is that either Skills or Deb will go MIA, someone will die, and then Lucas and whoever's alive will go sailing in a yacht for a month. Sounds like a pretty sweet deal for Luke.

Detective Jamie has to notice that Dan hasn't picked up his papers.
And it kind of annoys me that Haley calls him "buddy/bud" all the time. HE HAS A NAME! She named him so she should like it.
Haley suggests that he go wait in the car, by himself, while she goes to see if Dan's alive. This isn't a terrible idea, although SOMEONE JUST TRIED TO KIDNAP JAMIE.
Seriously, this would have been a great time for Stay-At-Home-Psycho to swoop him up if she wasn't still creeping at the playground and was actually doing something right (although I'm sure she'll make up for it next week).
I know she's creeped out by the thought of finding Dan dead on the floor, but her child should be her first priority.

Deb steps it up and ends things with Skills.
All I can say is FINALLY.
Family > Boyfriend.
I was soooo happy at this point.
And Skills brings up Bevin, whom I actually really miss. It's more serious without her around.
I say Skills challenges Tim to a game of basketball for Bevin.
(Although I'm honestly not really convinced that Bevin and Tim are married.It's just really strange. Like Skills and Deb. I just don't accept things I don't like)

"Did you know my dad?"
Translation: I want to know who my dad is, do you know, or are you my dad?
"No, I don't think anyone ever really knew your dad."
Translation: Yes I do know/am your dad but no one really "knows" him/me so I can get away with saying I don't know him so I don't have to answer your questions.

Question: Do you think he's her dad? If not, do you think he does now her dad?

I just have to say, I really love Peyton's shirt.
It's made of win.

"Hey Haley, can you talk to Nathan about me and Deb 'cause I love her fo real"
"Rrrrwawww!" *claws like a cougar*
"Haley stop playing!" *cries*
"Aw, I'm sorry Skills. Do you really love her?"
*shudders* "Whatever. But talk to Nate yourself. The writers have cut me and Nathan a break for once and we're planning on staying good for as long as they let us"
"Ok, I understand" *pouts*

And woah! that's a BRAND! They must have some kind of deal. And I hate how he's like "I had your back before Haley" but I've never really seen them hang out in previous seasons except for when they had that assignment in season 4. So seriously, how do I know that he's been there before if I haven't seen it with my own eyes? They really need to backstory these things or not put them in at all if there's no proof. Things like this bug me.

Teachers/coaches eat outside?
No they get to eat inside in the teachers' lounge. Although I can see how they might want their privacy (and how they didn't want to have to build another set, it's cool).

And this is a total plug for a "healthy" lunch: water, fruit, and Nate's got a sandwhich in the bag.
I know my lunch when I was in hs inclded: a sandwich, chocolate milk or iced tea, pudding (sometimes), and sometimes chips. Rarely any fruit though.

This is probably one of the worst choreographed fights ever. Shoving, a little fake hair-pulling? Please.
They should've given Sam Jonas Brothers tickets to hold onto and then it would've looked real and so much better.

Sam reminds Haley of her so-called "perfect" high school experience becase she could never understand Sam and her complex human emotions and feelings that she cannot possibly share with anyone because no one can possibly understand her and calls her Hannah Montana.
Sam: 1
Haley: -1

Jamie is actually *gasp* BAD.
What does he do exactly?
He inspects the mannequin's leg, and I don't even think he touches it but Haley flips out and threatens to poke his eyes out.
No wonder he's always good.
I'm pretty sure this is the first thing that Jamie's actually done wrong since he's been introduced. Finally.

"I want to know abouut my dad" *pouts*
"Okay, ok. Ellie & him were deeply and madly in love, their love was EPIC, which means it was difficult and they couldn't really be together."
"That's so sad!"
"I know. But they loved eachother a lot, so it was ok."
"Well ok. Will you tell me anything else?"
*pouts again* "Ok...but you have to meet my fiance! Go ravens!"
*shakes head* "Let's go Micky"

No wonder Peyton's had such a hard love life. Ellie had Epic diffucult love and her parents were very much in love but her mom died.
It's a wonder Lucas even proposed at all with that luck.
Although they haven't gotten married yet....

"Microwave soup?"
"What's the problem?"
"Nanny Deb always makes me sliders on gamedays."
"Oh she does, does she?"
"With two pickles for good luck."
"Well Daddy Nathan makes you soup."
I loved this conversation. It seems like Jamie can always kind of outwit the adults, which isn't saying much for Tree Hill's educational system. They better send Jamie to a private school before he looses all his smarts.

And I had to google sliders because I had no idea what they are, and apparently they're just burgers. But still, I'd much rather have a cheeseburger than soup. Jamie's right to complain.

"Stick around, I want to talk to you"
Sam: 1
Haley: 0 (was -1)
+1 for embarassing Sam by saying she wants to talk while people can still hear

"You are an excellent writer and no so excellent shoplifter"
Sam: 1
Haley: 2
+1 for the compliment
+1 for knowing she tried to shoplift

"I don't know what you're going through but you can talk to me"
Sam: 1
Haley: 1
-1 for this cheesy line. If she wants to talk you know she'll go to Haley and she doesn't have to be told

Sam's response: "Great" *thumb up* with little enthusiasm
Sam: 2
Haley: 1
+1 for Sam's response. I loved it

"Yo Nate, I'm sorry I like having sex with your mom"
"Ewww gross Skills! Shut up!"
"Suck it up Nate and let her move back in. Our happiness is in your hands." *walks away*
*is not happy*

Lucas and Q's Mom's speeches were nice.
And I like how he referenced to Keith even if only Skills and Nate knew who he was talking about.
Hanging his jersey was really nice, right next to Nate's.
Was it just me, or did the gym look emptier than it looked when Nate, Luke, and Skills were playing? I looked back to the midnight madness episode, and I guess it just looks like there's more of a crowd because the lights are low. *shrugs* Oh well.

Loved the Q locker pound and giving the little guys hi-fives.
Those are the two cutest little kids ever!


I had two bunnies of my own (both died, unfortunately but they died of old age) and we still have another (my brother's) so we do not eat bunnies no matter what.
If you do, don't tell me. I don't want to know.

And btw, nice face NannyPsycho.

"I wouldn't kill you, you're insane"
"Oh really, I'm not the miserable bitch"
"I wanted a company and a baby boy and a non-cheating husband. I got none of that and I'm jealous of you."
"Well I want a family, I don't need my company. You can have it, but we are finito, I am disowning you."

And I totally love this pose. It says "I am in control, listen to me now and shut up"
And there were no good caps so I had to take one myself of the video I was watching.

How nice was this?
And they even lost (but not by much, like seven points or something)
And they want to always play with four. How touching. But kind of unnecessary. They better start stepping up their game now that Q's not there to help them out. They made it seem like Q was always carrying the team, but they're pretty damn good by themselves.

"Are you my dad now?"
*shrugs* "I'll be in town"

Brooke is leaving New York City for home once again. (That's twice in the same year in TH)

Sam: 3
Haley: 2
+1 for getting Sam to accept the clothes
+1 for gettting free clothes from C/B!

Nate allows Deb to see Skills which is selfless and I think a huge point that they're trying to make: Nate is not Dan.
Dan wouldn't have allowed it because he would be uncomfortable/unhappy, but Nate is willing to sacrifice for others. Which is really nice and one of hte reasons why I love him.

And again, these two are just adorable.
I see new BFFs in the making.
I don't think they're in the same grade/age though, which is a shame.
I really like seeing Jamie have playmate his own age instead of fixing the adults' lives.

"Thanks for letting me sleep with your mom"
"Whatever. Let's play ball"
Everything in TH is solved with basketball.

As always, feel free to leave a comments saying how you enjoyed/hated it, let me know if you laughed, cried, punched your screen, whatever.
You know I read your comments 'cause I always reply back so you know I love you! =D

Feel free to friend this community as I have plans on starting to write some more (if you'd like to read it, that is) mostly OTH&GG stuff, although I might write for some other of my fandoms. And of course so you know when I post my latest OTH picspam.

Caps are from oth-caps
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cheerydavischeerydavis on September 26th, 2008 12:39 am (UTC)
yeah i dont think she would serve jamie alcohol i mean i think he would have to at least be 7 lol jk

oh i definitely prefer nathan over a burger! that boy is one tall drink of water! bartender pour me a glass of nathan and make it a double